Orphan Project to offer a meal 4 times a week

Praise God!!!!! We recently received a large donation so that the orphan project can feed the children one more day each week. Soon the children will be able to come to the orphan project 4 days a week for a meal!!!!!!

We have not heard what day they will choose. The children currently come on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.malawijoy_02

Their meal usually consists of:

  • nsima, a thick paste-like food made with corn flour,
  • greens, mustard greens, pumpkin leaves, spinach or any other ‘green’ which is boiled with onions and tomatoes, if some are available,
  • soya meat, a textured, vegetable protein,
  • on occasion, 1/2 of a hard-boiled egg, with the start of the chicken business, KOCM uses some of the eggs about twice a month to supplement the children’s meal

To feed 300 orphans one meal, it costs about $150. A $15 donation will provide one meal to 30 children!! To donate, click here.