H.S. Scholarships

High School Scholarships

Currently, over 50 secondary (high school) students are provided scholarships to attend school. In Malawi, secondary school is not free.

If you pass a test after your 8th grade year, you are allowed to attend secondary school but a fee must be paid for a child to attend.

Being orphans in an extremely poor country, if these students didn’t have a scholarship, they could not attend secondary school. Thanks to many generous people, over 50 students attend a local secondary school and 5 girls attend a boarding school.

Most of the girls that attend the boarding school are double orphans, meaning both of her parents have died. Therefore, she is probably living in the home of a relative or someone else in the village.

Since Malawi is such a poor country, it can be difficult to feed your own family let alone adding orphans to your household. Because of the added strain on the household, many times these girls are forced to marry at a young age. That way they are no longer a burden on their caregiver’s household.

In Malawi, marrying is seen as one means of getting life security and running away from the hardships of poverty in their homes. However, according to the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative there are many good things that happen when girls stay in school to be educated:

  • Educated women and their families are healthier
  • Educated women wait until they are older to have babies. Waiting to have babies is healthier for the mother and her child(ren).
  • Educated women are more knowledgeable and participate more in decision making for their families and their communities
  • Educated women make more money at their jobs than uneducated women.
  • Educated women are less vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation.

The local secondary school costs $150 each year for tuition and supplies. The boarding school costs $1,500 each year for tuition, supplies and transportation. Prayerfully consider if you are being called to help keep girls in school in Malawi. Any amount will help.

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