Farm Business

The Farm Business

The next step for Kanyenyeva Ministries to become self-sustaining has begun!

In 2017 about 137 acres were purchased in Mchinji. Kanyenyeva Ministries sells some produce to keep the farm running. They also use some produce at the orphan project to aid them on their way to becoming financially self-sufficient. Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crosby, MN provided the funds to start this business.



This is a picture of the land before it was purchased.









Kanyenyeva Ministries hired two tractors to clear the land. Click here to watch the video.






In December they start to plant the crops by hand.








In 2020, they planted banana plants on a portion of the farm.








An investment in the farm business is an investment in providing another way for Kanyenyeva Ministries to become self-sustaining. Invest in this community so they can continue to provide for the orphans and vulnerable children in their community. Donate today.