Sports Program

The sports programs allow the children an opportunity to have fun and be kids. The children play jump ropes, hopscotch, flying discs as well as traditional Malawian games.

There are football (soccer) teams for the boys and girls. There high school aged students play on a co-ed team which is a new idea in Malawi.

There is also a net ball team for the girls. Many times when a mission team from the US travels to KOCM, they will take new equipment.

The children love to play but cannot afford to replace their own equipment so the balls are quite worn within one years’ time.

In 2012, Immanuel Lutheran Church, in Crosby, MN donated jerseys for the three different teams. Now the sports teams are known as the Kanyenyeva Rangers.

Any donation amount will provide new equipment for the sports teams as well as replace used jump ropes and other play equipment.

If you are able to donate equipment that could be brought with the next team, please contact us at: or send us a note through our contact page.