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$8.00 donation

Malawi Africa Handmade Bracelets

ShopThese bracelets were made by widows and caregivers in the Kanyenyeva area. They are available for a donation of $8.00 to Malawi Orphan Care Project. Two dollars of your donation goes to a scholarship fund for high school aged orphans. (High school in Malawi is not free.)

Each bracelet is handmade and is unique. Some bracelets may be similar but no two are exactly alike. Please take the time to look through the bracelets until you find the one that is a perfect match for you or for whomever you are buying one.

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$8.00 donation

The products handcrafted in Malawi, Africa and warehoused in the U.S. to be shipped directly to you via USPS!

International shipping is available to most countries and to military APO/FPO addresses. Please contact us and we will provide a shipping quote for you. 419-512-9710 or email:

Thank you for your support and enjoy your bracelets! May they always remind you of your giving heart!