A Day at the Beach

What is a life well lived? That is a challenging question, and our society would define it as a life measured by success, material goods, and prosperity. Is that really it?

When we think about it, many of us would likely agree that a life of service, especially to those in greatest need, would qualify as a life well lived. Maybe not a life easily lived, and certainly not a life without great challenges and hardships. But a life overflowing with giving; a pouring out of oneself for the wellbeing of others. A life that leaves an imprint, an indelible mark…a legacy of love.

This is the life of the volunteers at Kanyenyeva Ministries in Malawi. Improving the lives of orphaned and at-risk children and their caregivers is their mission, and there is a group of women who volunteer to help make that happen. Their primary task is to feed the children a mid-day meal: 800-900 meals, six days a week.

Preparing the meals begins long before the children arrive, and the cooking is hot and physically challenging. After feeding the children, the volunteers have a chance to eat; then cleanup begins. Many of these chores involve standing over hot stoves or bending over while scrubbing pots and cleaning plates. Difficult and tedious? Yes. But the volunteers do it out of love, in one of the poorest parts of the world, and with little expectation of recognition or reward.

That is where you can help! We are seeking support to give the ladies who volunteer at Kanyenyeva Ministries what they would never ask for themselves – a day at the beach at Lake Malawi. Although only about 20 miles away, Lake Malawi is out of reach for them. They have no way to get there, and little money to purchase transportation. For only $30, you can provide transportation, food, and fun at the beach for one of these special ladies who dedicate so much of their lives providing for the needs of hundreds of children.

A day at the beach is wonderful, but what we really want to let them know is that they are seen. To show them they are not laboring in obscurity, but that others see their good works, and give glory to our Father in Heaven. That is a gift we can give to those whose lives are an outpouring of giving. They did not ask for this recognition or reward, but they can be blessed by it, and so can we all!

You can help these women be seen. You can give them the gift of A Day at the Beach. Donate at https://www.facebook.com/donate/1132797134838909/ where 100% of what we receive will be used to provide a special day for these amazing volunteers. If you prefer to write a check, please write it to: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 802 E. Douglas Street, St. Joseph, IL 61873 and write Malawi on the memo line. Any amount will help.

by Jason Emmert