About KOCM

Kanyenyeva Ministries (KM ) is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Malawi. KM sponsors Kanyenyeva Orphan Care Ministry(KOCM). KOCM is not an orphanage where children live. It is a place where the orphans go for a meal, Bible lessons, singing, games and sports.

KOCM wants to help support the caregivers of these orphans by alleviating as much of the financial strain as possible. They do this by providing nutritious meals six times a week, helping to provide school supplies and pay school fees, providing seeds and fertilizer to the caregivers to help feed the orphans and their own families. They also help to alleviate financial strain by helping to start small businesses in the area.

Any child in Malawi who has lost at least one parent is considered an orphan. Single orphans usually live with their surviving parent. A child who has lost both parents is considered a double orphan.

In Malawi, relationships are very important so when a child is a double orphan, they live with relatives or others in their village. It is not uncommon for a grandmother to care for at least 6 of her grandchildren. When relatives or other  caregivers cannot be found, children as young as 12 will care for younger siblings.

Donations to MOCP help to provide food for the feeding program. Donations also help those orphans that are registered with KOCM receive financial assistance with school fees, clothes and shoes. Their caregivers receive seeds and fertilizer to help feed their families as well as those for whom they are caring. It is the desire of the orphan project to provide blankets once a year for each registered orphan. They would also like to provide a bar of soap to each registered orphan once a month.

The activities of daily living are time consuming in Malawi. Very few people in the Kanyenyeva area have electricity so much time is spent finding wood for cooking fuel. No one has running water in their homes so they need to go to a well or river for water at least once a day. They also need to re-mud their homes to help keep them sturdy as well as many other daily tasks.

Time for the children at the orphan project is a time for them to play, eat, visit with friends and have fun. Your donations to MOCP help to feed, educate, and clothe the orphans, start small businesses in the Kanyenyeva area, and build new infrastructure for the orphan project.

Malawi Orphan Care Project (MOCP) works in partnership with KM and churches near the orphan project.