AlinafeThis is Alinafe. She is 17 years old and in late July it will be her first anniversary……of being forced to quit high school and marry a man chosen by her aunt. Her aunt said that she could no longer afford to care for Alinafe so she must get married. This picture was taken when Alinafe was 15, had a scholarship to attend a local high school and had much hope and promise for her future.

Because of what happened with Alinafe, 4 girls now attend boarding school so they are not a financial burden to their caregivers. There are also 27 students who are eligible to attend local high school, an increase of three from last year.

Even more than here in our country, a high school education provides a better life and hope for these orphans. The education provided to the orphans also helps and gives hope to their entire community. Past scholarship recipients have been able to obtain jobs in the city where they can earn more money than they can in the village, and face a future with broader opportunities. Many people who have jobs in the city send money to family members in the village area so one job helps to support many people.

Please prayerfullyboarding school girls in uniform consider financially supporting these orphans’ educations. The cost of sending one student to the local high school for one year is still $150. However, the cost of sending one student to boarding school for one year is now $1,250. Every donation helps, no matter the amount.

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