The Expanded Kitchen!!!



The original kitchen was built in 2012 when the orphan project fed 250 – 300 orphans. Due to the needs in the area the orphan project increased the number of children they feed and in 2015 feed more than 400 children on a regular basis.  Kitchen

To the right is a picture of the original kitchen in 2012.



Shortly aDSCN6738fter it was finished, the volunteers at the orphan project started to prepare food in the storage building as well as the kitchen to meet the needs of feeding more children.





Prior to the kitchen being built in 2012, the volunteers prepared the food outside over smoky, three stone fires.


Thanks to Joy Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the volunteers at the orphan project have an expanded kitchen to help feed the children in the area. All the stoves are rocket stoves to help decrease the amount of wood that is used for fuel.