Success Story!

Women Success Stories

Flora Willard benefited with the tailoring training provided by MOCP/KANYENYEVA MINISTRIES.

She worked hard to perfect her work as was required. She also attended and graduated with a DFG certificate after receiving the skills to make different reusable sanitary pad components.

With the recognition of Days for Girls International and the involvement with the First lady’s initiative Flora worked so hard putting in many hours to meet the assigned target. In the end she was paid generously for her hard work.

With the money she received Flora bought goats that she is keeping with the hope that they will reproduce and that she can make more money. She has invested her money to make more. This is so encouraging to see. Lives are getting transformed.

We thank God for everyone who donated to make the training possible. This new skill is changing Flora’s and others lives.

We thank God for Flora, for her initiative and investments. She is a role model for others in her community.