Blanket Drive for the Orphans


This is the time of year when we consider what gifts to purchase for the holidays. When you think about your gift list, would you consider giving the gift of a blanket to a child in Malawi?

For only $14 you can provide the gift of a warmth and safety to a vulnerable child in Malawi!

Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries. About 83% of the population of Malawi live in rural areas and depend on subsistence farming. These families focus on basic necessities for their survival. Blankets in rural Malawi are a luxury.

In the colder months of May – August families frequently have fires inside their huts to keep warm. These inside fires are unhealthy and it is not uncommon for children to burn themselves because they slept close to a fire or for the hut to catch on fire.

Orphans in Malawi are taken in by families in their communities. These families rely on Kanyenyeva Ministries to help provide for the orphans.

Please help us provide blankets for these children so they can be warm and safe for years to come.

Click here to give a blanket…or two.