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An orphans first blanket

In the villages, most people sleep on reed mats which lie on dirt floors in their homes. Everyone in the house might share a blanket to help stay warm in the cooler months. In Malawi, the cooler months are from May through August when the night time temperatures at the orphan project average about 45° to 50° F.   The …

Clean Water!!!!!!

For centuries, the women of Kanyenyeva had to walk miles to fetch water at the stream; water which was not even clean. Every feeding day, women had to rise up in the morning, just to collect water for the feeding program.

The children also, when coming to the feeding center had to carry bottles of water, from their homes, to drink at the center for the women could not manage to carry water for all the 300 children to drink. Now, people from the surrounding villages will have clean and safe water!!!

Thank God for all the people who donated towards this mission. The people of Kanyenyeva have hope. The people of Kanyenyeva can now drink safe water. The people of Kanyenyeva now realize that Christ is not only concerned with their spiritual lives, but also their physical needs.

May God bless you greatly for taking part and for bringing smiles to this community. Hallelujah.











New Kitchen!

Most of the cooking in Africa is done over an open wood burning fire. The “three stone fire” is not a very efficient method. The wood is scarce, leads to deforestation, and creates smoke that creates health problems for the caregivers. And when it is raining, the women are unable to keep the fires burning. In 2012, a fundraiser to …

Thank You Video

A capital campaign was held from April – July, 2012 to raise money for a well and a kitchen at the Kanyenyeva Orphan Care Ministry(KOCM). Almost $20,000 was raised to dig the well and build the kitchen. In July, the kitchen was built. The well was started in July, also. The drillers found water and wanted to dig a little …