Water back packs

1010404_10201434273805277_577483473_nWater back packs are the next step in clean water for the people at the orphan project. They now have access to clean water with the well that was installed in 2013 and now they have a safe way to carry it home and store it. 12377936_1008695995860535_4626874583594284649_o

In December, 2015, 200 water backpacks were distributed to the caregivers, volunteers, and chiefs of the Kanyenyeva area.

Traditionally in Malawi, carrying water on one’s head is women’s work. However, carrying water in a backpack can be done by a man or a woman. These water backpacks will help to more evenly distribute the work of carrying water from the well to home.





The backpack also help to keep the water clean. They have a spout to get the water out. This eliminates the need for a cup to be dipped into the water. They also have a cover with Velcro that covers the spout during transport keeping the dirt out of the spout.

The top of the water backpack is folded down to eliminate anything getting into the water from the top. The plastic liner can be laid out in the sun to disinfect it regularly.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of the water backpack: Anatomy of the Tested Water Backpack. The Anatomy of the Tested Water Backpack comes from Greif, the manufacturer of the water backpack