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Nyale 4 Malawi (Lamps for Malawi)

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LUCI editedNyale means lamp in the native Malawian language of Chichewa. “Nyale za solar” is a solar powered lantern. Almost 70% of households in Malawi do not have electricity, so many households use kerosene lamps to provide light after dark.

Kerosene is expensive and produces smoke which is unhealthy for them to breath and creates soot in their homes. There is a great need for an inexpensive, clean, alternative, and the LUCI lantern is one solution.

The LUCI lantern is a solar powered light that can be recharged by sunlight during the day, providing 6 to 8 hours of illumination.  In January, MOCP distributed 50 lanterns to students and caregivers, providing light in their homes with no smoke and no need for expensive kerosene.

kidstudyingMOCP is continuing to provide LUCI lanterns to the people of Malawi, and we are now making these lanterns available in the U.S. through Malawi Orphan Care Project, to raise funds for our feeding program.  They are great for camping or backpacking (they weigh only 4 ounces).  An eight hour charge from sunlight will provide 6 to 12 hours of light, and the battery will still have 50% of its charge even after two years of storage, so it’s great for emergency lighting at home.

To receive a LUCI solar lantern AND provide a meal for 20 orphans, donate $25 below. For each $25 you donate, you will feed 20 children and receive a lantern. (If you donate $50 you will help to feed 40 orphans and receive 2 lanterns.)


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