New Blankets

The youngest of the registered orphans at the Kanyenyeva Orphan Care Ministry received their first blankets in April. One hundred twelve blankets were purchased with money that was donated for that purpose.

Since not enough donations were received for each of the 300 orphans to have a blanket, the leadership of the Orphan Project decided that the youngest orphans would receive blankets first.


blanket 2

Malawi is in its cooler season now when the need for blankets is so important. The orphans sleep on a reed mat on the dirt floor in their homes. Without a blanket, they get very cold as the temperature dips to 45°F or cooler.

One blanket costs $15 and will make a huge difference in the lives of these children. We will continue to accept donations so every orphan can have a blanket. Please prayerfully consider donating so the rest of the orphans can receive a blanket, too.