A New Tractor!!

Kanyenyeva Ministries purchased a new John Deere tractor in August, 2018. This tractor will greatly help with the work on the 133 acre farm that was purchased last year. The first growing season at the farm they planted 24 acres with maize and 35 acres ground nuts by hand.

Kanyenyeva Ministries (KM) harvested 613 50 kg bags of maize. The maize will be used for the feeding program starting in November or December, 2018, after the maize is dried and treated. The harvest across Malawi was about 1/3 of what they expected. The harvest at the new farm was about half of what they expected. The poor harvests were due to ill-timed rains.

The ground nuts were grown for a seed supplier, who will sell them retail. KM will receive a higher price for the ground nuts than selling them on the food market because they are ‘certified’. KM received a Certificate as seed growers for ground nuts. The money raised from the ground nuts will be used to purchase fertilizer and seed for future maize and ground nut plantings. The ground nut harvest was about ½ of what they expected. The rains and disease limited their harvest.

KM plans to rent the tractor to other farms for additional income.

As they move into future years, the plan is to rotate crops on acreage. In about 5 years, they expect the farm to provide 90% of the funding and maize for the feeding program.

A huge thank you to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Crosby, MN. They donated the proceeds from their Manna for Malawi fundraiser for the purchase this tractor.

Mission Team 2018

In June, this group will help with the feeding program, teach Bible lessons, and replace the thatched roofs of widow’s houses with metal roofs. Two members of the team will arrive in Malawi in late May to prepare for the team’s arrival and network with other organizations.


The rest of the team will arrive in early June. Teenagers from the orphan project will work with the team to lead the Bible lessons.


Early each day the team will work with a local contractor to replace the thatched roofs of widows houses with metal roofs.


Later in the day, the team will help with the feeding program and present the Bible lessons.




Please pray for safety for everyone and for God’s will to be done. Please pray for Rob, Chris, Mitchell, Egypt, Hannah, Joy, and Pastor Andy during their time in Malawi.



Manna for Malawi 2018


The Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys will be the headliners for this year’s Manna for Malawi. This year’s event will be Sunday, June 24th from 4-8 will be at the Woodtick Inn in Cuyuna, Minnesota. Last year’s event raised more than $23,000 to feed African orphans in Malawi and even resulted in the organization buying a farm to raise the food themselves. We hope to raise even more this year.

Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys once B.B.King. The rest of his list of openers includes Madison Slim, Cadillac Pete Rahn, Benny Rickun and the Lamont Cranston Bandonce. He come from the south side of Chicago and has been playing rock and blues since the early 70s. The ‘Reverend’ nickname comes from his days in the US Navy. For some samples of their music, go to http://reverendraven.com/video/

Manna for Malawi event not only includes an afternoon of good, live music but also a spaghetti dinner, cold beverages, a silent auction, and games for kids. Entry to the event is a free will offering. Suggested price is $10. Put it on your calendar. Be a part of the ‘God’s heart and your hands’ movement. Meanwhile, check out some of the Reverend Raven and the Chain-smoking Choir Boys music on YouTube.

Shadreck Says Thanks

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