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15 years at Kanyenyeva Ministries



The future of the children of Kanyenyeva is bright because of you. The children in this picture were not born when Kanyenyeva Ministries began 15 years ago but they are benefiting from what you have helped build. They are able to receive food and an education because of your donations and prayers.

Kanyenyeva Ministries and Malawi Orphan Care Project pray that in the next 15 years Malawi will be able to rise out of its extreme poverty and be able to care for all of its citizens.

Five years ago we wrote about the first 10 years of Kanyenyeva Ministries. You can read about that here.

Since then, Kanyenyeva Ministries continues to help improve the lives of the children and adults in their community. The leadership at the orphan project makes sure each child attends school. Because of this focus, more students are graduating from high school. One student, Precious, scored so high on his high school exit exams that he was eligible to attend college. Thanks to a generous donor who is paying his school fees, Precious is studying computer science at UNICAF in Lilongwe. You can read more about Precious here.

With the help of your donations, they have begun 2 new businesses: a 137 acre farm and Kanyenyeva Wala which is a Days for Girls Enterprise where women make and sell reusable sanitary products.

A Skills Center has been built where Kanyenyeva Wala is housed and high schoolers can meet in the evening to study together. Kanyenyeva Ministries is exploring other businesses to start which will also be housed in the skills center. They are looking into starting a sandal business, a furniture business, or a mat making business.

Kanyenyeva Ministries continues to feed the children, share Jesus’ love with them, and provide school supplies. Your donations to Malawi Orphan Care Project truly are changing lives. Thank you!!


Days for Girls Enterprise


Days for Girls Enterprise / Kanyenyeva Wala

In October 2018, Days for Girls International approved the licensing of a Days for Girls Enterprise to be located within Kanyenyeva, Malawi. This enterprise will be operated as a program under the umbrella of the Malawi Orphan Care Project and Kanyenyeva Ministries.

The Days for Girls (DFG) enterprise will be named Kanyenyeva Wala (Kanyenyeva Shine) and will enable the women of the village to sew and sell washable, reusable sanitary kits using the Days for Girls copyrighted patterns and logo. These kits will be made available for the school aged girls who are registered at Kanyenyeva and will also be given to the women who work within the project.

DFG kits are truly life-changing for the school aged girls who receive them. “Days for Girls” literally refers to “School Days for Girls”. Currently, girls who menstruate without access to sanitary supplies are forced to skip school. They subsequently fall behind in their studies and are often forced to drop out of school and then into a forced early marriage.

Three women have been chosen to attend the Days for Girls Leadership Launchpad to be held in Uganda in 2019. These women will spend two weeks learning to sew the DFG kit components as well as learning how to market and distribute DFG kits within their surrounding region. Once operational, Kanyenyeva Wala will provide the women of Kanyenyeva with a viable sustainable small business which will supply their own needs and provide an income for themselves while helping the students remain in school.


2019 Plans:

Funding is currently being sought to build a Skills Center within Kanyenyeva which will securely house the Days for Girls Enterprise. The solar powered center will also be used to house other potential enterprises and will be used immediately as a location for evening study and homework completion by the students.

Financial donations will be used to:

  • Build a Skills Center
  • Pay for Leadership Launchpad tuition and travel expenses
  • Fund start up and ongoing costs of Kanyenyeva Wala
  • Purchase supplies and pay shipping for DFG kits sewn within the United States and shipped to Malawi.

For More Information or to get involved, please contact:

Penny Ekegren, Malawi Orphan Care Project