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Sanitary pads to keep girls in school


Washable tri-fold sanitary pad


Postpartum and regular moisture barrier shields








Sanitary Pads to Keep Girls In School

There are girls in Malawi and around the world who are unable to attend school because they are menstruating, a natural occurrence for most teenage girls. These girls do not have access to disposable pads. They use corn husks, leaves, rags, whatever is available.

For 5 – 7 days each month, these girls are unable to go to school and then have a difficult time keeping up with their studies. Many girls stop attending school in their early teens and then are reliant upon others for food and clothing.FullSizeRender(2)

Days for Girls International works to help every girl everywhere have an education and break the cycle of poverty. One simple way to do this is to provide each girl with a washable Feminine Hygiene Kit.  A kit consists of a drawstring bag for the girl to carry her supplies to and from school, two one gallon size resealable plastic bags to transport and soak and launder soiled items, two moisture barrier shields, a bar of soap, a washcloth, two pairs of panties, eight absorbent tri-fold sanitary pads, and a visual instruction sheet.

FullSizeRender(5)Days for Girls in Yellow Springs, Ohio and Malawi Orphan Care Project have been working together to prepare 100 kits to go to Malawi after Christmas this year. Days for Girls in Mesa, Arizona, made some kits that will be going to Malawi, too. While in Malawi, the team that will be bringing the kits will research if the materials needed to make the moisture barrier shields and tri-fold sanitary pads are available so the women at the project can make more.

Providing kits is a new venture that Malawi Orphan Care Project plans to continue. Please contact us if you are interested in sewing or if you can donate supplies or donate financially so many of the supplies can be purchased in Malawi.

25 to Stay Alive



In our first mission trip in 2009, KOCM was feeding about 150 orphans a lunch of nsima (corn flour and water) and vegetables, twice each week. With the generous support of all of our MOCP members, they are now feeding over 500 orphans, FOUR times per week.

Malawi experienced heavy flooding early this year which had disastrous effects on this season’s crops. Pastor Andy Jones reported that Malawi’s crop yield decreased by 70% this year. The entire country is feeling the effects of the floods, and as a result, food is becoming scarce and much more expensive. We are planning to raise 25,000 additional dollars to help the people of Kanyenyeva survive during this “Hungry Season” beginning in November, when their food supplies start running out.

The additional funds will help KOCM expand their lunch feedings to SIX days per week, plus the funds will provide needed corn maize for the caregivers and their families during the coming months. For some orphans, this lunch program is the only meal they receive each day. Your generous donations will go a long way in preventing our brothers and sisters in Malawi from possible starvation.

We have about $10,000 left to reach our goal of $25,000!! Your generous donations can be mailed directly to Malawi Orphan Care Project. Please indicate “MOCP –25 to Stay Alive” on your check. Or you may make donations by credit card or PayPal.

Malawi 25 to Stay Alive Maize  (Click link to download and print pdf flyer to pass along to others.)

Zikomo kwambiri ndi Mulungu akudanitsen (Thank you very much and God Bless You).


Ken Ekegren, President

Malawi Orphan Care Project, Inc.