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New Kitchen!

Most of the cooking in Africa is done over an open wood burning fire. The “three stone fire” is not a very efficient method. The wood is scarce, leads to deforestation, and creates smoke that creates health problems for the caregivers. And when it is raining, the women are unable to keep the fires burning.

In 2012, a fundraiser to dig a well raised enough money to add an outdoor kitchen in addition to the well. The cooks at the orphan project asked for an outdoor kitchen that would provide shelter from the rain and sun for up to 10 women, with an enclosure to store the cooking equipment.

Professor Ken Ekegren had his engineering technology students at North Central State College design, build and test a more efficient style of stove that could handle the large quantities of food prepared to feed lunch to over 300 children. The students designed a two burner wood burning stove that was used as the model for the final stove in Kanyenyeva.

During the service trip, the women at the project were consulted in the overall design of the kitchen and storage room. They specified the wall height for seating and the steps to reach the large cooking pots.

The kitchen was built in July, 2012, and began being used in August. The kitchen has a storage area for the pots, plates and utensils used in the feeding program.

We are told that the kitchen works well and the women are thankful for a shelter to cook under with a wall height just right for seating.

Thank You Video

A capital campaign was held from April – July, 2012 to raise money for a well and a kitchen at the Kanyenyeva Orphan Care Ministry(KOCM). Almost $20,000 was raised to dig the well and build the kitchen. In July, the kitchen was built. The well was started in July, also.

The drillers found water and wanted to dig a little deeper. Then they hit rock. They were unable to dig further.

They had other commitments so they left and promised to return when their other commitments were complete. The well was completed in January, 2013!!!

This video is of some of the women of the Kanyenyeva area standing in front of the completed kitchen saying thank you for the well and thank you for the kitchen.

Click here to see the Thank You video

Wakhonza (Way Cool) 4 Girls go to Boarding School

In September, 2012, 4 girls from the Kanyenyeva Orphan Care Ministry(KOCM) went to boarding school for the first time. Each one of the girls that attends the boarding school is a double orphan, meaning both of her parents have died. The girls were living in the homes of relatives or others in their village.

Since Malawi is such a poor country, it is difficult to feed your own family let alone adding orphans to your household. Because of the added strain on the caregiver’s household, many times girls who are double orphans are forced to marry at a young age. That way they are no longer a burden on their caregiver’s household.

According to Mr. Shadreck Chikoti, the volunteer director of KOCM, marrying is seen as one means of getting life security and running away from the hardships of poverty in their homes. Because of this, most girls do not value education.

These girls are experiencing many new things. They are away from their villages, they are sleeping on mattresses and they will hopefully see value in education.

Most people in the villages do not travel farther than about 10km from their homes in their lifetime. Moving away from their village and their caregivers is a new experience. They are meeting new people and making new friendships.

They are also sleeping on mattresses for the first time. In their homes in the village, they slept on reed mats like everyone else in the household. In the dormitory, they will sleep on a mattress on a bunk bed.

They will be able to focus on their education. Hopefully, they will experience education as their way out “from the hardships of poverty”.

Thank you to those who chose to support these 4 girls in their education.

Boarding school costs $1,000 each year for tuition, supplies and transportation.

If you would like to donate any amount of money for boarding school, local high school scholarships, or elementary fees, please send us a note on our contact page or email us at: along with the amount of your donation.



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