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Retreat for High School Aged Orphans

These are some of the teenagers who will be going on a one day retreat in June, 2017. The retreat will focus on how to have healthy, Christian relationships with friends, future spouses, and family. There will be four days where twenty-five different students attend each day long retreat at Lake Malawi for a total of 100 teenagers attending.


These teenagers live about 40 kilometers from Lake Malawi and have never been there. This will be an amazing time in a beautiful area in their country where they will learn about faith and daily life, self-image, setting goals, overcoming obstacles, dating and choosing a life partner, and more. These sessions are based on My Zoe Journal written by Pastor Amy and sold through Sola Publishing.





The team includes Pastor Andy, Susan, Pastor Amy, Anna, Gary and Lorie from First English Lutheran Church, Mansfield, Ohio and Trinity Lutheran, Monroeville, Ohio. Shadreck and Yami Chikoti from Malawi will also lead some of the sessions.


Please pray for the presenters that they share what God intends and that the students learn what God has for them to learn.


Mission Trip 2016

DSCN8009This mission team has started their journey to Malawi. They should arrive in Malawi on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Their first day at the orphan project will be on the 25th of May where they will lead a football (soccer) camp where they will teach football skills and share the gospel with the children. They also plan to help with the feeding program, visit some of the businesses that the Kanyenyeva Ministries has started, and learn about life in Malawi. They plan to return to the US on June 7.

Please pray for Pastor Andy, Egypt, Haley, Sarah, Angie, James, and Mitchell for safety during their trip, for relationships to continue to be developed with the people of Malawi, for God’s will to be done, for everyone to have fun, and for God to be glorified in all that is done.

January trip to Malawi will help improve rocket stoves


Ken Ekegren will be returning to Malawi in 2016 with students from North Central State College to redesign rocket stoves that are used in Malawi. They hope that a business can be started selling these new rocket stoves. This article is from North Central State College Newsletter.

kenekegrenphoto copy

For more information, click here for an article from the Mansfield News Journal.

Praise and Prayers


We praise God for the work that He is doing at the orphan project. Three groups went to the orphan project this past summer and were welcomed into the community like they were family. Of the three groups that were there, only two people had been to the orphan project previously….leaving 17 people who had never met the people of Kanyenyeva before but that didn’t matter, they were still welcomed like family.

DSC_1693Each group had a different focus. Some of the things that the first group did was to built a new play gym, help with the feeding program, and learn about some of the small businesses at the orphan project. To view more pictures, see our album Malawi trip, June 2014 on our Facebook page.







The second group enjoyed playing with the children at the orphan project but primarily focused on learning about education in Malawi. To learn more about education in Malawi, please see our blog which talks about life and education in Malawi at 4malawi.wordpress.com.  To view more pictures, see our album July, 2014 on our Facebook page.


The third group led Bible lessons and games for the children and Bible lessons for the women at the orphan project. They also repaired the stoves used for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe feeding program and the seats of the swings at the orphan project. To view more pictures, please see our album Team 3 August, 2014 on our Facebook page.


Each group experienced God’s work being done at the orphan project in amazing ways and formed friendships that will last through eternity. We praise and thank God for the work that He is doing at the orphan project and for allowing us to be a part of it.



Please pray for Sinoden Kanyemba’s family and all the people associated with the orphan project.
This note recently arrived from the orphan project, “We just lost one of our children at Kanyenyeva; a form two (10th grade) student, Sinoden Kanyemba…It is difficult for us to come to terms with this loss. He died after a short illness; the doctors say he didn’t have enough blood and that his pressure and sugar levels were high.”

Please pray for good nutrition and good health for all of the orphans and their caregivers. Health care is Malawi is very basic and not easy to access. The diet of most of the people in the Kanyenyeva region is poor so their bodies cannot fight illnesses and diseases easily.

Although conditions are improving at the orphan project, there is still a long way to go for the people there to have adequate nutrition, health care, and education. Please join us in praying for the people of Kanyenyeva and all around the world who don’t have their basic needs met.

Zikomo kwambiri (Thank you very much).