January trip to Malawi will help improve rocket stoves


Ken Ekegren will be returning to Malawi in 2016 with students from North Central State College to redesign rocket stoves that are used in Malawi. They hope that a business can be started selling these new rocket stoves. This article is from North Central State College Newsletter.

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For more information, click here for an article from the Mansfield News Journal.

The Expanded Kitchen!!!



The original kitchen was built in 2012 when the orphan project fed 250 – 300 orphans. Due to the needs in the area the orphan project increased the number of children they feed and in 2015 feed more than 400 children on a regular basis.  Kitchen

To the right is a picture of the original kitchen in 2012.



Shortly aDSCN6738fter it was finished, the volunteers at the orphan project started to prepare food in the storage building as well as the kitchen to meet the needs of feeding more children.





Prior to the kitchen being built in 2012, the volunteers prepared the food outside over smoky, three stone fires.


Thanks to Joy Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the volunteers at the orphan project have an expanded kitchen to help feed the children in the area. All the stoves are rocket stoves to help decrease the amount of wood that is used for fuel.

Manna for Malawi

MFM.2 Manna for Malawi raises over $11,000!!!!

Immanuel Lutheran Church (ILC) in Crosby, MN hosted concerts, a meal, and a silent auction to raise money for the upcoming ‘hungry season’ in Malawi. The first annual “Manna for Malawi” music and food benefit event was an incredible success. MFM.6

The event was held Sunday afternoon, June 28, at Brad and Jane Holmvig’s Woodtick Inn in downtown Cuyuna, Minnesota, 6 miles north of Crosby. More than fifty donated silent auction items perched on the pool tables and shelves across the room from the band stand.

ILC’s Churchyard Bluegrass band and an Anoka area band, Gravel Roads performed for three hours while hundreds ate Maucieri’s spaghetti, meatballs, and salad and washed it down with coffee and lemonade furnished by Crosby’s “Mixed Company” Kava House.

MFM.17So far, the donations, silent auction items and free will offerings have brought in over $11,000! And every nickel goes to support the orphan’s feeding program.

Thank you Immanuel Lutheran Church!!!!

Note: Due to the ill timed rains during the last growing season in Malawi, the harvest was very small. The orphan project is expecting to need to feed more children more often from November through March to help them survive until the next harvest.

Chickens are in the house!

11209388_897641263632676_1543523032372508410_nIn February, we received enough donation to be able to finish the chicken house. Earlier this month, it was completed and the first installment of chickens were purchased! The egg laying chickens will not be available until July so they purchased frying chickens.



We praise God for everyone’s generosity so this business can start. The board of KOCM believes that the profit from this business will help fund another feeding day for the children at the orphan project. This business is one more step to help the people of Malawi provide food for the orphans.

Zikomo kwambiri!!! (Thank you very much!!!)1527791_897635223633280_8259892248727975616_n